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Position Available: Connemara Credit Union Limited Teller x 2

Connemara Credit Union is seeking to recruit 2 Tellers One full time Teller position One part time Teller position (3 days a week minimum) These individuals, reporting directly to Manager, will be responsible for carrying out a range of operational and administrative activities that contribute to the consistent and effective […]

Customer notice monthly savings limit and savings cap

Following on from the introduction on 01/05/2021 of a Share Cap on all NEW members savings, the Board of Directors have taken the further difficult decision to introduce a monthly Savings Cap of €2,500 on all adult members starting on 18/08/2021. All newly introduced limits on savings are explained below: […]

Connemara Credit Union Ltd 50th Anniversary Community Fund

Community Fund: To celebrate 50 years of continued service to our community, Connemara Credit Union Ltd have established a fund of €100,000 to disburse to local orgainsations / community groups within our common bond area. Connemara Credit Union Ltd was formed in 2017 with the amalgamation of Cashel Connemara Credit […]

Share Cap on Club, New & Juvenile Accounts

Following due consideration and deliberation, the Board of Directors of Connemara Credit Union Limited has reluctantly decided to introduce a cap of €10,000 on shares in Children’s accounts (up to the age of 16), new accounts and Club accounts in your Credit Union effective as of 01/05/2021 This decision was […]

Connemara Credit Union Ltd – Share Cap

            Connemara Credit Union – Share Cap Questions and Answers Why are you limiting/imposing a savings cap? The Board of Directors of Connemara Credit Union took the difficult decision to limit savings to €30,000 per member account after a significant increase in the number of […]

GDPR and our Members

You may have heard about the GDPR, but you may not be entirely sure how it will affect you as a member of Connemara Credit Union. You will find below a quick summary of what it all means but for full details, please read our Data Privacy Notice which will […]

Central Credit Register

We are writing to you about the Central Credit Register, which is being set up by the Central Bank of Ireland under the Credit Reporting Act 2013. The Central Credit Register is a national database that will, on request, provide: • a borrower with an individual credit report detailing their […]