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Loan Calculator

Terms & Conditions Apply

* All figures given on this web site are for your general information only, and give a rough guide to loan repayments. Any statements on this web site do not purport to be authoritative or legally binding. You are advised to check with our offices for up-to-date rates and offers.

**Max Student loan: €6000
**Min Car Loan: €5000

1 year10 years
Current interest rate:
Monthly repayments:
Total Repayments:
Weekly repayments:

Whilst every care has been made in the production of this information, it is for illustrative purposes only and to give you an overview of the potential cost of borrowing at Connemara Credit Union. It does not constitute a loan offer. This document is for illustrative purposes only, so as to give you, the borrower, an overview of the potential cost of borrowing and does not constitute an offer of finance or repayments.