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Inactive Accounts

If you think you may have an account and have not used within the past 2 years, there is no need to join again. You are still a member. Your Account can be reactivated by calling in with:

  1. Photographic ID: a current driving licence or a current passport
  2. Proof of Address: dated in the last 3 months a utility bill, government letter or bank statement.
  3. Account Transaction: a member transaction must be completed on the account on the date of activation.

Dormant Accounts:

Accounts that have been inactive for three years will go Dormant and will need to be reactivated before any transactions can be done on them.

Dormant Accounts: Rule 19 of the Standard Rules for Credit Unions

The credit union may deal with shares and deposit accounts as hereinafter provided when there has been no member initiated transaction on the account for a period of three years and when no reply has been received within thirty days from the member to a notice sent, by ordinary post, to him/her at his/her last known address, of intent by the credit union to close the account(s). Dividends and interest shall continue to be payable on such accounts.